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    What Are Nootropics?

    What Are Nootropics?


    Do you ever feel like you just can’t focus? Whether you’re sitting down to work on a project for work, or you’re trying to clean out your garage, but your brain is everywhere except the task at hand, the inability to concentrate is a huge problem for many people!

    We live in a fast-paced world filled with distractions. From our constant notifications on our phones, the desire to scroll social media, and the endless barrage of information from the media, if you’re feeling scattered, you’re not alone!

    Supporting your brain health through a nutritious diet is the first place you should start. But some supplements naturally will help improve your focus, help you feel sharp, and improve your productivity and learning capacity.

    If you want to improve your brain’s function and health, look no further than nootropics. A nootropic stems from the Greek word “noo” which means “mind or intellect,” and the French word “trope,” which means to “change in a specified way” or “bending.”


    Nootropics have been used for their powerful brain-boosting properties for thousands of years. In particular, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs are well known for improving cognitive function and overall brain health. 


    However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that doctors and researchers began to study these natural substances. Early research focuses on how these ingredients could aid military personnel and the CIA. 


    Romanian scientist Corneliu Giurgea coined the term “nootropic” in 1972. Over the past decade, interest in these ingredients has taken the health and wellness world by storm! Finally, scientists noticed, and thankfully some interesting studies came about proving the power of many of these ingredients.


    How They Work

    Each nootropic’s exact mechanism of action is different, so explaining how they work doesn’t have a simple answer. However, in general, nootropics work by:

    • Altering levels of some neurotransmitters in your brain (neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit messages from neurons to muscles or between neurons).
    • Altering levels of certain enzymes
    • Helping balance and support hormone levels
    • Increase energy
    • Promote healthy blood flow
    • Protect your brain and central nervous system from oxidative stress


    Special Considerations

    Unlike illegal drugs, stimulants, and many mood-altering prescriptions, nootropics are non-addictive. Most nootropics come from plants, though it is important to note that some synthetic nootropics exist, which may have different side effects and qualities.


    If you have a history of chronic health conditions, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any prescription medication, it is essential to talk to your doctor or another knowledgeable healthcare provider before starting nootropics.



    Can a supplement pill make a difference in how your brain functions and even respond to stress? According to studies, the answer is a resounding yes!


    When you break it down to a fundamental level, your brain is responsible for everything you do, feel, think, and perceive. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a highly respected CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a stay-at-home-mom just trying to keep everything together. 

    We all need to improve our mood, mental clarity and reduce our stress levels!


    Nootropics enhance your brain function in many different ways, and they have both long-term and short-term benefits.


    Short-term: If you have a big project you’re working on or need to focus intently for an exam, it’s the short-term benefits of nootropics that will win you over. These benefits are more “performance-driven” because they’ll immediately help you sail over the hurdles immediately in front of you. In addition, they help boost short-term memory, reduce feelings of stress, and provide sharper focus. So whether you’re facing a looming deadline, test, or you just need a leg-up on your productivity for the day, nootropics can provide the boost you need.


    Long-term: As we age, our brain undergoes many changes. Nootropics can help you maintain a healthy brain structure which will help support healthy memory and reduce the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline. 


    Dozens of different nootropics exist, and they all work a little differently. When choosing a nootropic, it’s important to decide what benefit you’re looking for and choose one with ingredients matching your needs.


    In a moment, we’ll go over many of the top areas addressed by nootropics. Following each section, we’ll give recommended nootropic ingredients. You’ll notice some ingredients help with multiple areas. 


    Later in this article, we’ll explain each ingredient in a bit more detail, and to make it easy, we’ll even give you a recommendation for high quality, made in the USA supplement that contains each one!



    Do you frequently feel like you can’t focus? If so, improving your attention will help your ability to zero in on a specific task, whether it’s a work project or simply being present with your family. 


    There are four different types of attention, and nootropics support them all.


    • Focused attention: This type comes into play when you sit down to work on a project, and you need your brain to focus on one specific task
    • Alternating attention: Do you struggle to move from one task to another without having to reorient and losing your momentum?
    • Selective attention: Your ability to maintain your focus despite distractions all around you
    • Divided attention: Also known as your ability to multi-task


    Nootropics that help:

    • Green tea extract
    • Boron
    • DHA



    Lacking motivation or “drive” is a massive factor for many people to accomplish their goals each day. If you simply don’t “feel” like doing anything, the odds are that you won’t. 


    Lack of dopamine causes you to feel unmotivated. Dopamine is one of the “feel-good” neurotransmitters in your brain. When you have too little, you just don’t feel like doing anything. On the other hand, this brain chemical gives you good feelings when you accomplish something. 


    Nootropics that help:

    • DMAE
    • Boron



    Unfortunately, it’s something we all deal with daily. Many people suffer from chronic stress in our modern world, which causes imbalances in hormone levels, leads to memory problems, and eventually impacts your entire body!


    Nootropics can help your body develop a healthier reaction to stress. Instead of freaking out over the slightest inconvenience, they allow you to create more of a buffer. As a result, situations and events eventually diminish in importance in severity and can roll off of you, like water off a duck’s back.


    Nootropics can also help you feel more relaxed amid daily stressors. Instead of feeling keyed up all the time, you can spend more of your day in chill mode. Remember, nootropics won’t get rid of the stressors in your life, but it does change the way you react to them!


    Nootropics that help:

    • L-Tyrosine
    • Bacopa 
    • Inositol
    • Licorice



    If you’re a student or work in a field requiring problem-solving, having free-flowing creativity is an asset. It’s hard to feel creative if your brain is under constant stress. However, when you can let go of all the worries that grip you, you’re able to get into the flow. 


    As we’ve already mentioned, certain nootropics can help boost energy levels and lower stress levels. Improving creativity can be seen as a byproduct of all nootropic benefits, all rolled into one. After all, when you’re less stressed, more motivated, well-rested, and able to focus, it’s natural for creativity to spark.


    Nootropics that help:

    • All of them



    Being a good learner requires good memory, focus, and memory storage. However, to truly learn a subject, you also have to recall the information and accurately apply it to the situation. This requires a complex level of cognitive functioning.


    Whether you’re a student, or someone trying to learn new skills on the job, learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from school. Nootropics can help by strengthening your memory, helping you remain calm under pressure, increase focus, and improve your recall.


    Nootropics that help:

    • Bacopa
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • Boron
    • DHA



    Did you know that sleep deprivation has similar results as alcohol intoxication? To experience peak brain performance, you have to get good sleep each night. Unfortunately, sleep is a problem for many people.


    Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep can occur due to fluctuating cortisol levels due to chronic stress. Nootropics can help balance cortisol levels, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep. They also help promote a calm and relaxed mind. 


    Simply put, being well-rested will help you think clearly and perform better than if you’re sleep-deprived.


    Nootropics that help:

    • Bacopa
    • GABA



    Long-term use of nootropics helps protect your brain and central nervous system, a process known as neuroprotection. Most nootropics do this with concentrated doses of powerful antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids. These compounds protect your brain from oxidative damage, which increases with age.


    Oxidative damage can cause brain fog and other forms of cognitive impairment. 


    Nootropics that help:

    • B Vitamins
    • Phosphatidylserine
    • Huperzine A
    • L-glutamine
    • Bilberry
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • Cinnamon

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: A building block of many brain chemicals that help you focus and pay attention, along with “feel good” neurotransmitters like dopamine. L-Tyrosine is beneficial in maintaining focus and cognitive performance during stressful situations. Researchers believe it helps improve cognition.1


    DMAE: A natural compound found in fatty fish like salmon that improves mood, memory and supports healthy brain function. According to a study, DMAE reduces depression, irritability, and anxiety. It was also found to boost motivation as well as initiative.2


    L-Glutamine and Glutamic Acid: Amino acids that are naturally found in the human body and used to create protein. It’s also a precursor for glutamate, an essential neurotransmitter for optimal brain health.3


    Green Tea Extract: This popular nootropic ingredient also contains caffeine and is associated with improved memory, reducing feelings of depression, heightened focus, and attention. According to a study, green tea extract and L-theanine effectively improve memory and concentration.4


    Bacopa Extract: Bacopa is also classified as an “adaptogen,” which means it helps your body react in healthier ways to stress. Research shows that it helps to reduce feelings of anxiety without causing drowsiness. As a bonus, it’s shown to help sharpen your mental performance.5


    Inositol: Also known as vitamin B8, you can find inositol naturally in nuts, beans, fruits, and some grains. Research shows that inositol can help balance brain chemicals that improve your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. ​6


    Bilberry Fruit Extract: These berries are packed with potent antioxidants known as polyphenols with many health benefits, including brain health and cognitive function. Research shows that bilberries help protect your neurological system, promote dopamine release, and improve communication between your neurons.7


    Gaba: An inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps to balance other brain chemicals that can excite your central nervous system. When out of balance, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. GABA is helpful by acting as the brakes on your central nervous system, producing feelings of calmness.8


    Grape Seed Extract: Packed with antioxidants known as flavonoids, grape seed extract helps to protect your brain and entire neurological system. According to research, this ingredient can help prevent issues like memory loss, improve brain health, and reduce brain lesions that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.9


    Cinnamon Bark Extract: A spice customarily used for baking yet holds tremendous potential in preventing age-related brain decline. Cinnamon is loaded with powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress in the brain.10


    Licorice Root Extract: A traditional herb in Chinese medicine, it’s often recognized as a “guide” or an herb that enhances the effects of other herbs given with it. Licorice root also helps your body deal with stress in a healthier way, lowers cortisol, and can help with adrenal fatigue.11


    Boron: A lesser-known trace mineral, boron boosts concentration, focus, and learning ability. For this reason, it is known as a “brain food” and also helps with short-term memory. It’s naturally found in beans, oranges, nuts, avocados, and grapes.12


    DHA: An omega-3 fatty acid that is vital for healthy brain development. Adequate DHA levels are important for staying focused and paying attention. It also helps regulate your brain’s neurotransmitters and supports your memory.13


    Phosphatidylserine: If you’re looking for a nootropic to help with short-term and long-term memory, as well as recall, this is the ingredient for you. There’s more research to back up phosphatidylserine for these benefits than any other nootropic.14


    Huperzine A: Derived from a form of Chinese moss, this ingredient is proven to help protect your brain from damage and cognitive decline. According to studies, it works as a powerful anti-inflammatory that protects neurons.15


    Limitless Focus

    To unlock your brain’s full potential and experience the protective benefits of the ingredients mentioned in this article, you could source individual ingredients and take a handful of capsules per day. However, that’s neither practical nor economical.


    Limitless Focus by Phēnyx Athletica provides all of the nootropics that we’ve mentioned, plus a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Our formula includes:

    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Calcium
    • Iron
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin B2
    • Vitamin B3
    • Vitamin B6
    • Folate
    • Biotin
    • Vitamin B5
    • Magnesium
    • Zinc
    • Selenium
    • Copper
    • Manganese
    • Chromium
    • Molybdenum
    • Potassium
    • Choline

    It’s important to understand that your body systems are all interconnected. So we’ve included these vitamins and minerals not only to support optimal brain health but also to support your overall well-being.


    You see, deficiency in other areas of your body will decrease your brain’s ability to keep you at your peak. Your body will pull resources and energy that could otherwise help with energy and focus to help support the struggling area.


    By including a wide range of vitamins and minerals, Limitless Focus not only supports your brain health but the overall health of your body as well!


    Incredible Benefits 

    No matter what life throws your way, Limitless Focus will help you tackle it all! Our custom blend of nootropics will help you:

    • Boost your memory
    • Eliminate brain fog for better mental clarity
    • Improve your ability to focus
    • Radically boost your concentration


    The Phēnyx Difference

    In the world of supplements, transparency is vital. Our bottles are clearly labeled, so you know exactly what you are getting. But we don’t stop there!


    Limitless Focus is GMP tested for safety and purity, so you can feel confident that you’re taking the very best!


    Our customized formulation supports all facets of brain health and cognitive function in just two easy-to-swallow veggie capsules per day. Limitless Focus is gluten-free, vegan, and proudly made in the USA. 



    Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the benefits of nootropics. As always, the team at Phēnyx Athletica is here to help you grow.

    Phēnyx Athletica's Limitless Focus unlocks the full-spectrum benefits for short-term mental performance and long-range brain health.

    Supporting far-reaching benefits for focus, learning, memory, relaxation, stress resistance, brain health and more, Phēnyx Athletica's Limitless Focus is the only nootropic supplement you will ever need.

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