Phēnyx Lounge | Episode #4 w/ Courtney Wilson

Courtney is a fit mom and founder of Fit Beast Training. She specializes in women’s health helping them to get fit and stay fit! Her love for health and fitness has grown over the years and she followed her passion by becoming an ISSA certified trainer and today run her own personal training company. Courtney decided to get into the fitness industry after successfully losing over 80 pounds from her own fitness journey. She was able to do so without any surgeries, wraps, pills or crazy diets!

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Phēnyx Athletica is a premium quality athletic wear company that caters to both men and women. Our brand is made for individuals who are motivated to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level and are determined to "Rise Again" regardless of past failures. Phēnyx promotes exercise as a form of therapy to assist with anxiety, depression and other mental health obstacles. The Phēnyx represents rebirth and relentlessness to do life without any regret.

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