About Us


Rise Again: The Vision

This is our vision: To create, embody, inspire, represent one community built by high-performers, hard-workers, achievers, resilient risk-takers, and everything in between.

And to do so through one brand: Phēnyx Athletica.

We created Phēnyx Athletica Athleisure Apparel, to promote excellence through
carefully engineered pieces that support and rightfully represent the character and soul of those like you who choose to rise and raise the bar, day in and day out.

Our Belief

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were you...

Excellence doesn't come by “luck” (what the heck is "luck" anyway?) but comes through behavior. A cumulation of decisions made each day. Excellence is conditioned by habit. Excellence is you.

Our Product

Here at Phenyx Athletica, we ensure that the quality and engineering of each piece rightfully represents those who wear it: We make sure it's excellent.

Keeping our athletic pieces innovative while maintaining total functionality to withstand high to low gym performance is at the forefront of our mind.

Phēnyx Blend, cotton-blends sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable, durable, and more, fabrics are used to manufacturer the right and most efficient garments for you to wear.

Our Mission

Phēnyx Athletica is dedicated to fostering & inspiring a community of excellent & high-achieving individuals, like you, through premium & innovative athletic apparel and supplements.