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    a little info on why pronia?


    Made by Flyknit Technology, the walking shoes feature breathable smooth mesh upper, making a good fit for a wide width foot.


    Our shoes come with no laces making it super easy to put on and take off the shoes


    This shoes come in with fashionable Breathable and Durable mesh upper which allows the foot to breathe.

    learn more about your shoe

    Elastic breathable upper top for no sweat toes

    Cloud foam embedded sole to always keep you up on the run

    Slightly heeled sole to maintain arch support for proper posture

    Perfect work shoes

    We prioritized comfort over everything. Therefore our shoes always make sure you get maximum work done with minimal foot discomfort.

    Imagine a world without laces

    Easy to slip on and off when you are on the go. Worry no more, about tying laces with our newest edition of All day sneaker

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